Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Throw Back: Ally McBeal and Barry White. What's your theme music?

Yesterday, during an observation at Cheshire High School, a student teacher asked her kids to think about a theme song they listen to in their heads as they live their everyday. She used the writing assignment as a precursor to applying a theme song to one of the character's in To Kill a Mockingbird and modeled what she was thinking with Bob Marley's Redemption song.

I couldn't help but think of Ally McBeal - the quirky 90s lawyer show when John used Barry White's music to capture his mojo in the co-shared mens/womens bathroom in their office - especially as all the characters joined him in his strut as he heard the music in his head.

I decided this is the song I need for pacing my Tuesday. A student observation, a photo shoot, a budget meeting, a grant submission, and then I can think about my three day trek to DC for political work for the National Writing Project.

I, too, need a theme song to play in my head and, I admit, it's nearly impossible to top this one.
Here's to Tuesday. And here's praying that the north easterner predicted for tonight blows out to sea.

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