Thursday, March 27, 2014

Not likely to ever be a political figure, but political nonetheless. #NWPSM14

View from my hotel room. Spooky that I am in the glass reflection from the shot. I didn't catch it when I took it.

Greetings from DC.

I wish I could say there was a creative way to be political at the capitol, but the work is somewhat dry, necessary, and timed. We have fifteen minutes with each of 7 Connecticut leaders and, for the most part, we have members on our side (it is the rest of the nation to worry about).

A lot has been locked up and little movement has occurred, so we were told to try to bring fresh air and optimism with our meetings. We have nothing but positive information for the word we do and with temperatures rising and a day of sunshine, the work should productive and hopeful for new things to come.

I have faith that the pendulum will begin to swing in another direction and, once again, faith will be restored to educators and all who invest in youth of America. Only time will tell, however.

A friend of me told me that educators always have felt the sky was falling and it was the worst time ever to be a classroom teacher. Of course, she was a school administrator.

With that noted, I have to say, "No, really. This is the worst time every to be an educator."

And I know things can get worse. That's why we're here.

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