Monday, March 10, 2014

The coffee I'm talking about smelled like Halle Berry's heart. Got to love @abubility

One of the things the Liberian twins and I have in common is a love for good coffee. Sometime last year, I began sending them good coffee (and double stuff Oreo cookies)  for their studies at SUNY Brockport. I sent a package to them last week and Abu wrote back to say I sent the wrong coffee.
"I don't mean to be critical, man," his text stated. "But the coffee I'm talking about smelled like Halle Berry's heart."
Really? A simile? From Abu? And creatively poetic, too?  I wanted to kill the kid...seriously? The last time he had a Halle Berry allusion was while waiting for her to get into Cat costume before we caught the 11 a.m. ferry to Long Island (I forget his line...but will post it here when I'm reminded) (Okay, Abu just sent it).

Crandall: What time does she get into her cat women outfit?

Abu: Hopefully by 10:30, cause we have a ferry to catch.  

Seriously, I'm thinking about good coffee and how important the morning routine is to my everyday routine. Sure, I can drink tea or get a Pepsi product, but I love a good cup of coffee. And note: the picture here is of some fancy coffee drink they ordered at McDonalds that I didn't get for myself. It was late at night last spring and I can't have caffeine past 10 a.m. or I won't fall asleep at night, so I passed. All mocha must be consumed before I leave in the morning or else I get way too hyper.

But Halle Berry's heart? Where did that line come from?

Now I want to know what coffee it was that I sent that made Abu allude to Halle Berry. His line made my day and now, if Lossine would just find a way to put it into song form, I'll be set for the roads ahead we've yet to travel. With Abu's linguistic craft and Lossine's singing voice, I see nothing but fame ahead.

So, here's to the two of them keeping their grades up in '14 and to the many cups of coffee we've yet to consume. In fact, I'm consuming my first cup as I post this this morning.

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