Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's only Tuesday, but I'm flushed. Actually, I'm motivated by the creativity of blue...

It's official.


It's only Tuesday, but over the weekend I had to do final touches to two LRA research proposals and also I had to prepare for classes (hence the Measure for Measure post yesterday). This month, I'm totally losing any sense of ME time.

That is why Monday arrived, I went to work early (minus the threat of a snow day without a single flake), and I instantly began getting on top of the week (so he thought). Alas, I forgot I had a day full of meetings, and when I came to campus to chisel away at the immediate emergencies, I realized I didn't have time to attend to them...I needed to be on my A game without the preparation to get there. Today was a hold-your-breath-and-survive day.

In other words, I had to wing any success I hoped to attain. Lucky for me, I did this and, in fact, I only had 30 minutes to prepare six hours of conversations before I was sucked into the vortex of responsibilities I neglected for my Monday morning.

My point? I need to be better with my calendar in order to see what lies ahead.

At 8 pm I returned home and knew I was fried. I stated to myself, "There's one goal you can accomplish - put away a month's worth of laundry." I did this and when I went to get ready for bed, I flushed the toilet. I forgot I bought  blue dye cleansers and the oceanic azure water made me smile.

Yes, I am losing most of my sanity, but I can recognize the small things in life that make me happy. Today, it was yellow + blue = green.

No. This is not meant to be one of my intellectual posts. It's simply meant to recognize the creative moments for whatever they mean.

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