Saturday, March 8, 2014

(En)Visioning the Great Whatever Whenever the Great Whatever Offers A Vision

Last night, I was in Boston for the New England Board of Higher Education Excellence Awards Dinner with colleagues from Fairfield University. Our work with Bridgeport City Schools was recognized and it gave me the opportunity to visit one of my oldest friends in the world, Tricia. Needless to say, walking to find her store and meandering Boston made my discovery of her optometry shop, Envision, that much more exciting.

It is everything she envisioned when she first considered leaving Syracuse for a larger city. Walking through the front doors, seeing her studio, meeting her employees, and watching her in action put a tremendous smile on my face.

Why? It's easy. I will always see her through my 13 year-old perspective - that is, the first time I saw her in North Syracuse Junior High School. I was a plump, nerdy 8th grader and she was one of the "Roxboro" blondes! I was like, "Who the @#$# is that?'

Needless to say, 28 years later - a friendship through Binghamton University, support through her degree in Chicago and mine in Louisville, then the unexpected return for both of us to Syracuse remains central to the man I am. At 42, I can't imagine not having her friendship, intellectual support, kindness, drive, passion, and spirit. She remains at the core of how I understand this world.

After the remarks and award, I headed to Tricia's house for the humor of her daughter, Ava, and to meet the cat that comes with the territory, Quincella. It will be a long overdue reunion of catching up, thinking ahead, reflecting behind, and enjoying the moment - that is the way it has been for several years and my prediction is it will remained this way for many years to come.

I know Twippy as a band member, then dancer, then sorority girl, then Chicago-nite. I later learned her as a mother and returner to the 'Cuse. It was crazy to see her practice and learn of her professional success in Boston. Her employees love her and, evident with the location and clientele, she is doing amazing work in Massachusetts. 

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  1. It is so very lovely to witness your forever friendship. Very special.

    Connie Rose