Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Night on the Beach in July with a Full Moon is a Pleasant Saturday Night To Spend, Indeed

There is nothing better than a spur-of-the-moment, impromptu picnic to watch the World Cup, followed by a super moon over the water.

Last night, Leo, Bev, Shirley, Pam, Sharon and I drove down to the sound to capture the full moon in its entirety. After a week of non-stop preparation and planning, it was nice to take an afternoon and evening off for sports, friendship, barbecue and tequila.

I learned something new, too - gluten free brownies made with gluten free black beans makes zero sense to the palate. As much as I wanted to love them, they still tasted like dirt. Sorry Chef Sharon, I know you meant well in catering to Bev and Leo's new diet, but the brownies didn't quite do the sweet-tooth thing.

The July air, though, cool after a hot day, was a perfect time for digging our toes in the sand with the stolen flamingos. Everyone deserves an evening like the one we had last night.

Here's to relaxing every once in a while.

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