Friday, July 18, 2014

Scattelogical Thinking For a Friday. It's been far from a crappy week, but still...this is where my mind is.

I wanted to have this poster somewhere that is readily available so I can refer to it in the future (I may have written about this before when Pam shared a chart from her proctologist's office and I bought her an air fresher of the same chart for her car).

That's not the purpose of this post, although it's sort of a shout out to Justin Leonard in Louisville, who was my first ever scattelogical learner. The kid was totally obsessed with poopy humor and as long as I brought every thing to turd-terms, he was with me (interestingly at the top of his class and now a phenomenal educator himself). Whenever I see posters like this, I want to reach out to him to see how doodie-ful he is being as a father, husband and teacher.

The purpose for today's shitty first draft for a blog post is somewhat in reference to the writing institute, but more along the lines of humor between Abu and me. I saw the poster and sent it to him and he opened it while breaking his Ramadan fast. The conversation then became humorous, about why he insists he will never read this poster or study the toilet as an indicator for his own health (as the chart suggests).

And I suppose within these paragraphs is insight into how my mind works...Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi, after all, always cracked me up and one of my students once bought me a great book that showed the feces of every animal on the planet (the human feces was the centerfold page). Alas, the biology teacher at Brown stole that from me and used it to teach with (The Book of Caca - check it out). (Admittance - I just ordered it again)

It's Friday, and for many that means it's a day of celebrating the end of the week. Not me, I'm celebrating the fact that today was a spectacular week and very, very far from crappy. This is my way to celebrate.

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