Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's a Saturday Morning, Who Else Is Amused? Ending the Work Week, a Thrill Ride, With a Bang

Fairfield University closes up on Fridays in the summer at noon. Not CWP-Fairfield, however. We move forward until three and after a great poetic performance by the young poets who attended our young adult literacy lab: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Exploring Poetry, Rap & Spoken Word the hard work culminated in the afternoon. In fact, their powerful, poetic performance simply amazed me - Attallah Sheppard and Gina Forberg were incredible instructors who made an amazing difference in the lives of the young women they worked with.

That is why, on Friday afternoon, when the last poet was awaiting to be picked up, we went on a roller coaster ride. No, there isn't an amusement park at Fairfield University, but I did have my lap top and to kill the last seconds of the day, we began to wear our improv hats. And we had a ball. And we tricked ourselves into believing we really were on a roller coaster.

Note: this is only one clip. I may have 20 clips I could have posted with similar tomfoolery. We all needed this...after all, the weekend is upon us.

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