Monday, July 28, 2014

Transitioning Out of Graphic Novels Into Journalism and Digital Storytelling - Week Six of @CWPFairfield Summer Writing Work @writingproject.

I tried to replicate this look for the week, but I have too many grays, not enough muscle, and an angular face rather than a square one. Even so, I'm channeling Clark Kent and Superman as we transition to the second week of Ubuntu Academy, the fifth week of the Invitational Teacher Institute, and the weeklong writing labs for journalists and digital storytelling.

For some reason, I feel that someone put Kryptonite in the omelette I had for lunch yesterday at a local diner - an attempt to save time and mental work from cooking.

Yesterday, I did mow the lawn, I did run six miles, and I did edit several Op Eds for a collaborative project with CT Mirror. I also began a final piece for the last day of the ISI and managed to post photographs of the graphic novel institute.

Oh, and I did laundry! Does Clark Kent do laundry? Does Superman leave marks in his Unde-Roos?

Finally, I did my part for an intended symposium in Toronto next March that brings together many scholars who have worked in similar relocated refugee communities as I have.

Truth: I want to float on a raft in a pool for an entire week. All I need is the raft and the pool. That's it.

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