Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Poem Written About Me! This Is a Daring First and I Love It! @writingproject

[Based on An extract from 'The Progress of Poesy'
by Thomas Gray (1716-1771) ]

by Megan Zabilinsky, CWP-Fairfield '14

Upwards, uncelebrated hair, upwards, 
And give to vitality all thy twitching thoughts.       
From Dr. Crandall’s energizing blots
Sixteen teachers take creative progress forwards:
The sticky notes, that round them pass,      
Bring laughs and lightness to the extraordinary class.          
Now the rich stream of writing flows agog,       
Deep, prophetic, associative, and once with gongs.  
Through statuesque stanzas and whimsical words:
We daydream Julie gets rid of those birds.
Mining the mind, spontaneous, seeing poems pour:
The wisps and the mohawk react gleefully to the roar.

[Based on An extract from Megan Zabilinsky's "Ode to Bryan's Hair" (07/16/14)

Growing, celestial teachers, rise,
And allow the inevitable net thy ephemeral leap.
From the karmic, combusted prose
These writers burst from page with ease:
Passing giggles from tamponic jokes,
they capture carts in grocery lots of shopping lore.
Thus, with the symphony of friendship amok,
brain clog, laughter, ideas, and time abound.
Through writerly noticings and experiential drafts:
They write themselves into the world.
Harvesting our seeds, gorgeous, letting thoughts bloom:
Notebooks spread wings and fly free in faerie dust.

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