Monday, July 7, 2014

I Can Now Officially Say I Am A Crustacean Eater. A Connecticut Crustacean Eater Am I. #LobsterLove

In a sudden change of plans, I swayed away from the beach after fixing a sink and heading to the University to set up for the Literacy Labs, to find myself at the Saad Lobster Fest in northern Stratford. When I arrived, I thought the eating had commenced, but after a game of corn hole or two, I learned that Sebastian (wait, he's a crab), was awaiting the boiling water for me. Patty was in the house cursing Phil and saying she'd never be able to use her kitchen counter again and I played ignorant as he demonstrated how the sea creatures were prepared.

Okay, I've eaten shark, eel, alligator, crawfish, mussels, oysters, scallops and sea bass, but I've never had the opportunity to eat lobster.

That changed two days after the 4th of July, 2014, when I chose to be more creative than usual with my eating and to use the clamps to break open the shell of these clamping monsters. I did alright, too, preferring not to eat them with lemon and butter, until Pam and I both managed to cut into the stomach region and sea scum oozed out of the guts. Not a pretty sight at all and I sort of lost my appetite.

Still, I ate. I wanted to be a good skipper and to have something new to add to my bucket list of life. Will I order lobster in the future? Probably not. Did I enjoy it? Sure. Do I prefer steak? Of course. Would I be okay returning to my vegetarian ways of my early 20s? No problem. But yesterday I played sea lion and digested a shelled creature for the first time.

And lucky for me, I don't have allergies, otherwise the next 24 hours would be miserable.

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