Sunday, July 20, 2014

Taking a Saturday Night To Celebrate Bella, Wonder Dog and Her Thunder Shirt. RIP. #Dogs4Life

Yesterday morning, Pam texted to say, "Bella is gone."

A golden retriever fuzzball with a zest for rubber duckies, hugs, cold bathroom floors, and walks. The poor creature has had a traumatic year of intestinal knots, pneumonia, and an inability to eat. Her heavy breathing caused a scare earlier in the week, but she was sent home with medication and hope. The next day, she passed away early in the morning after vomiting and crossing over.

I never know what to do in such sadness, so I went to the store and put together dinner for Pam, Kaitlyn, and the friends that gathered to be with them. It is never easy to say good bye to an animal that is so central to life, family, happiness, and togetherness.

I remember meeting Bella after she got her 'thundershirt' to help her cope with storms and fireworks (it worked). I also remember Lois shaving the dog in the summer and laughing at how refreshed she looked when her long blonde locks were sent away.

Bella was a great dog and very much a part of the Kelly household. It has been sad to see her peppy little spirit knocked down with ailments and complications. The least I could do was to provide a celebratory dinner for the people who took care of her and loved her.

When I ran this morning, I thought of Lois and how she would be first to greet Bella in the skies of The Great Whatever. She'd have treats, a huge embrace, and tremendous love to make the transition as beautiful as possible.

Then I thought of the loss of dogs in my own family: Dusty, Smoker, Chip, Rocky, Juliette, Baby, Jake, and Zoey - so much canine love and never an easy goodbye. But, Bella, you're in good company - even Catt with two T's is there to greet you. No, it doesn't make things easier for us here, but there's comfort knowing you're at peace. I'm glad that you took pleasure in sniffing the lawn gnome I planted in your yard, and I know Buddy is going to miss you. This, however, will pale in comparison to the hole you leave in the hearts of Kaitlyn, Patrick and Pam. Your cuteness was larger than Monroe and your happiness was even larger. Rest in Peace, kind friend. May the afterlife be doggy nirvana and joy.

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  1. We had a Bella, too, and we still miss her. Duke, our latest pooch, is the opposite of Bella in every possible way, strangely enough, but we stumbled upon Bella's image yesterday in our photo file and quickly remembered all of her quirks and love (and protective nature of our kids).