Saturday, July 12, 2014

And the CWP-Fairfield Director Finally Exhales, Only To Inhale ThatThere's Another Five Weeks Still To Go @Cwpfairfield @ryanpcolwell

Yesterday, CWP-Fairfield hosted its first "prom" to celebrate the weeklong work of writers in our Novel and young(er) writers' lab. We also continued forth with the second week of the teacher institute. The goal of 'prom' was for students to debut their new writing in a celebration for parents and guardians. The older kids chose a book reading that premiered their book covers, tag lines, and first chapters. The young(er) kids opted to script the afternoon for their guests. They performed fractured fairytales and read to their families many pieces from their writers' notebooks. The above video was an interlude from their re-storying of Jack and the Beanstalk, with a dance number to "Hit the Road Jack."

Dr. Ryan Colwell and his graduate students, Tom and Shannon, must be extremely proud of what they accomplished with these young composers in merely five days. As parents left the debut they stated again and again, "This needs to be a much longer writing institute. This was fabulous for my kid."
As Ryan said, "We merely tried to put the fun back into composing processes."

I will forever be amazed by the creativity, cleverness, and passion of young people when given the freedom to write and encouragement to share imaginations with others. It was a superb week.

With that noted, I'm also thankful to Ellen Israel, my administrative assistant, for helping to manage and sustain a truly top notch summer lab experience for all that we're hosting this summer. 

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