Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blues at the Beach '14 - Interesting how they played rock and I can't say any of the bands caught my attention. Oh well.

I can count on one hand the number of times I've actually sat at the beach in Stratford, but yesterday was Blues on the Beach and we staked our claim rather early. It was raining and overcast at first, but then turned into a great afternoon and evening to dig our feet in the sand, to drink tequila and rum, and to overeat all the summer goods that come with beach life.

Okay, I overate and feel sluggish.

Still, it was good to relax for the day and I'm glad I was caught right before mowing the lawn (Butch would go into fits if he saw how long I've let my grass get).

The day was great, however, and unwinding with a wide variety of friends is always a key way to spend a weekend day.

This morning, I pay for it however and I need to get on my game or else. I'm hoping for rain all day so I won't feel guilty to get through the writing and planning I have on my agenda. The other goal is to finish digesting all this food.


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