Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another Successful Literacy Lab - The Graphic Novel Writing Opportunity Came To An End Yesterday - Thanks Erin and Kathy!

New to the Connecticut Writing Project-Fairfield this summer, in addition to a reconfiguration of how we ran ALL writing programs for youth, was the introduction of arts-based research with:
What’s a Picture Worth? The Graphic Novel Lab
The one-week lab focused on cartooning, thought bubbles, speech bubbles, and superheroes, allowing the youth who attended to become their characters, to think outside of the box, and to have a great time - okay, a silly time. 

Each could create their own storyline and write the plot of how their hero moved through the frames of a comic to counter the nemesis they faced. Volunteers assisted the program with their artistic skills and mentoring, while both educators hired for the lab brought unique experiences with graphic arts and storytelling.

We had technological trouble with the video show they put together, so I attempted to piece it together above - I apologize if it is not what they envisioned. They were a very focused and deliberate group of artists and I'd hate to step on their toes for what they wanted for their Friday prom.

During the end-of-the-week ceremony, I discussed the ways we contain and constrain our minds with writing processes and emphasized that comic strips, perhaps, are the most tightly-wound genre (next to haiku and tweets) for communicating. In some ways, it blends semiotics perfectly (as art communicates just as much as words).

Next on CWP-Fairfield's agenda? Journalism and Digital Storytelling, not to mention week 5 of the invitational summer institute for teachers and week 2 for Ubuntu Academy. 

It's the weekend, right? I can rest?

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