Monday, May 5, 2014

48 hours are up and I'm a disgusting, foul weekend representation of my professional self #YUCK #TIMETOBATHE

Did I accomplish my goals? Well, I did scratch off a vast portion of my to-do list this weekend. I also ran each day, cooked a real meal, and hiked. I did, however, fail to shower.

I know. I know. You ran twice, Crandall! You hiked twice, too! You must smell.

Well, it's rare for the skunk to smell his own order or the ferret to find his scent unattractive. I have no idea if I smell or not because my contact with human beings has been next to null (except when I had dinner with Cliff and Sonya and Cliff said, "Kudos to you. I don't like showers on the weekend, either").

I plan to shower as soon as I post this. After all, today is Fairfield University Teacher Celebration Day and I am welcoming over 75 guests to our campus. I promise to be clean by then and I always, ALWAYS, feel remarkable when I bathe after a slight departure.

It's like one of those shampoo or soap commercials and I get all happy and smiley as I scrub-a-dub-dub. Yet, in the 48 hour marathon of this weekend, showering would have been a total distraction from the writing that needed to get done, the editing that simply had to occur, the recommendations that needed to be composed, and the grading that is beginning to arrive en masse.

What's a little grubbiness every now and again? I totally love it.

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