Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorializing Memorial Day at the Beach and then calling it a day before heading into Monday, Today.

And my forever 14 continues with the Liberian twins on deck in Connecticut. The temperature was a bit to seasonal not to take advantage of a day at Short Beach in Stratford.

We packed a six pack of water and headed to the shoreline for three hours of beach volleyball before making another evening of corn hole of it in Monroe. I managed to get a 5K run in during the morning before everyone got up and then we set to the sand to get seashells wedged in our knees and shins.

Later in the evening, I got African schooling of how to eat a coconut with only a slight knife cut and a lot of ingenuity.

On deck today? A breakfast in Black Rock then I'm putting the clowns to work by organizing CWP's storage room for the summer. I think Ellen will be impressed by the work ethic and ingenuity of these two.

I didn't realize it at the time, but Abu and Lossine later showed it to me - each of them were captured in the lens of the green glasses - a twin for each frame keeping me directed on what it is I'm trying to do with my work in Stratford and what still needs to be written.

The good news of a beach day is sunshine and a bit of tan to kick off the summer. Given the fact that I rarely got into daylight last year, I guess I can say I'm way ahead of schedule. As the boys would say, OPV remained moist in southern Connecticut.

Abu sucks at Bocce ball, too. Alright. I admit it. The kid has sniper accuracy and it sucks that he kicks butt each and every time.

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