Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Scene From Last Night - A Game Show To Celebrate A More PermanentPosition at Fairfield University

As the marathon week continues, I was invited to my chair's home, Dr. Emily Smith, for an evening of celebrating the arrival of Dr. Ryan Colwell and my decision to sign up for a more permanent position in southern Connecticut. The boys played basketball with her boy, Christian, and then we had dinner.

To follow, Emily pulled everyone into a room and had Ryan and I sit on two chairs. She had all the guests send two pieces of trivia (weird and unknown) that others wouldn't know. Then, she read the statements of each guest and Ryan and I had to guess which trivia belonged to whom. If we guessed it straight out, it was 3 points. If we had to phone someone in the room for help it was 2 points. If we had to resort to multiple choice it was only 1 point.

Well, I won. I also learned that I have a colleague who walked across the prom floor with her dress stuck in her underwear and toilet paper attached to her heals. A few attended Jimi Hendrix concerts, and another has her motorcycle license. I guessed a majority the first time, but Guessed Abu when it should have been Lossine. Chelsea. Soccer. I messed that up. Lossine will also be getting a watch next Christmas, and we already knew that Abu was from Mars.

It was a great evening that made me feel wonderful about where I am and the colleagues I have on my side. Good food, good company, good friendship, and a great game. We laughed hysterically and learned a lot about one another. It was a very clever soirée that kept us all entertained.

Now, we're off to NYC for the Kwame Alexander event in Harlem. Of course, I just learned Metro North isn't running in Norwalk because of a fauly bridge. Ugh.

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