Sunday, May 25, 2014

Guess Whose Back? Back Again? The Imps Return to Connecticut, RoundThree - Continue...

Day one. Check. Arrived at 6 p.m. and instantly stocked up on groceries. Came home and grilled out, and had the Diva over for dinner.

Of course, the Diva had a performance early for Artsy Girls Global, with visionary Alisha Smith, but she was stoked by the arrival, too.

And I had an excuse to clean the house and organize the home front. A good excuse to do spring cleaning when I can.

Next up, Pam's 50th birthday bash, then Memorial Day.

He had her with the glass of wine and the flowers, but then she saw his shoes.

Epic fail, Liberian style (or Abu style), but she still "thinks he's cute." Pimp man extraordinaire 2014 who is stepping up his game in Stratford, Connecticut

It's finally stopped raining, the refrigerator is stocked, and I'm up to make my Kentucky cake. We're off to a flea market and the Kelly front in Monroe - partying with the birthday girl.


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