Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Message from my Television Set for Abu and Lossine Bility - I am thankful you arrived again in 2014 so I could work.

Dear Abu and Lossine,

Family Guy. ESPN. Soccer. NBA basketball. Lil Wayne. Tosh-O. The Big Bang Theory. They all wish to thank you.

And so do I...for giving me exercise again and teaching Bryan that there are more channels than than just the first three: NBC, CBS, and ABC. There's more that I can do besides the morning news. It's nice to know that there are programs  beyond the 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. timeframe each day and that my volume can be set loud enough that I can stretch my lungs above a whisper (he keeps me really quiet when Weijing is sleeping in the morning and that is the only time he usually turns me on).

And thank you for making the living room an actual living space with technology, sunglasses, eye glasses, M&Ms, peanut shells, books, cell phones, socks, sneakers, flip flops, plates, laundry, water bottles, and other evidence that someone in the house is actually alive. The clown you're here to visit only has books and papers lying around. It gets rather dull.

Oh, but you might want to grab air freshener from the bathroom when Lossine goes on his gaseous rampages. That boy can stank worse than Baby used to do.

Finally, I just want to let you know that I appreciate the ways you yell at me. It's good to know that someone is capable at getting upset by what I'm showing you: cartoons, sports, music, and commercials really inspire you to shout, react, scream, and joke. Bryan doesn't pay much attention to me except for during the basketball season when Syracuse and Louisville is playing.

Trust me, I know. I look at the couch and chair 365 days a year and it is a dull site. When you arrive, though, everything changes and it is all for the better.


Bryan's Vizio Television.

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