Monday, May 12, 2014

And when the last grade is entered and I mow the lawn, the guests arrive and they're hungry.

Just as I finished my 6 mile run, I did the yard work (including removing unwanted shrubs), I get a text from Chitunga, a young man I'm mentoring from Bassick, that he's on his way for dinner. This fool leaves his friends in the car and I tell him, "Go get them. I cook on Sundays for the week and it's somewhat rude of you to eat without them. Besides, I have plenty."

These are members of the senior class of 2014, football and track stars, and young men with their eye on the prize: graduation, college, the military, and the national guard.

We had a great conversation about achieving, aiming higher when others aren't aiming high for you, and pursuing a life of integrity. Of course, I had to rub it in - Abu and Lossine are in Brockport and called to tell me they were hungry. I couldn't help but rub it in that if they were in Connecticut like they were last year, they could have joined the food fest.

Shucks. Now I won't have leftovers for the week. And there will definitely not be a doggie bag mailed to the twins in Rochester. The food would have rotted anyway.

But on a good note, the laundry is done, the grass is cut, the grading is completed, I ate a good meal, and I'm ready for Monday - as ready as anyone can ever be to start a new work week.

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