Saturday, May 31, 2014

Has 7 Days Really Gone By? Am I Really Leaving for a Week to Louisiana? And So It Goes...So It Goes...

I am convinced that this dynamic duo are nothing but good luck. They are horseshoes and rabbit's feet, four-leaf clovers, and golden dice. When they arrive, the magic simply happens. It's like opportunities announce themselves everywhere - year two, and the adventure continues. We have eaten well, played well, visited well, traveled well, and experienced the world well.

But, well, the departure day has come.

Last night, 7 days culminated with an event in Bridgeport that was co-sponsored by CWP-Fairfield, the National Writing Project, and Bassick High School - a student writing/photography publication hosted out of Kathy Silver's 'Team Silver' classroom. Her room is a miraculous generator of making meaning of the world.

Yet, now the bags are packed...I'm heading to Baton Rouge and they return to Rochester for summer work. We broke bread one more time last night (with chicken, sweet peppers, corn on the cob, etc) and set forth a game plan to transition to what comes next - today.

The silence they leave behind will be an ultimate sadness, but the likelihood of another return is very high. It's been six years since Local Literacies, Global Histories and when Mike Isgar and I took them to a lacrosse game at Syracuse University.

The world has definitely changed since then...for the better.

Safe travels to the imps of Syracuse: #DSL #DOILF #OPV #Continue #Colorado #Aliens #TABB and all that other jazz. It's time for them to return #Oopstate to Brockport.  #Hasa Diga Eebowai.

It's integrity in the end and determination. These two have both.

And we're off in different directions.

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