Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sean-Man's Getting His First Pizza Box and I'm Missing My Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Dick

The first Saturday in May always makes me nostalgic for my Kentucky life - the 15 years I had in the bluegrass state. Is especially alluring during Derby season and I'm one of those saps who admittedly gets teary-eyed whenever I hear My Ol' Kentucky Home. I remember visiting Louisville as a young man, touring the University of Louisville campus, going to basketball games, and visiting the Downs. Yesterday, a beautiful day for a horse race, my Aunt Bobbie sent me a photo of a piece of art Audrey Shulz made for her when she still lived in the state. The image of the horse on the television made me miss my Aunt and Uncle, and all the support they showed for me when I moved to the state. I want a piece of Shulz's art in my own own home. (By the way, I learned my Derby Horse name yesterday is Whiskey Hero - to learn yours at the Courier Journal).

Sadly, too, my 48 hour marathon of freedom resulted in the first 24 hours reading, writing, grading, and catching up. I was fortunate, though, to catch the two minutes on ABC and had time to talk with family, as well, including the oldest Barnwell boy who will be making his first communion today.

In the words of my sister, "I have no idea what any of it means, but he's so happy and so is his father. You would have been kicked out, though. You would have started laughing"

Apparently a woman in the chorus had a solo that everyone in Syracuse imagined would trigger one of my infamous church laughing fits. Rumor has it that my niece, Nikki, and nephew, Dylan, covered this territory for me (I have to say that I've been good in churches in my adult life and have learned to control my sense of humor in the silence and seriousness of it all. Then again, I usually only go during funerals and, lately, they've been rather sad occasions).

Still, I am very proud of my nephew and his maturity. Sean looks good in a tie (and a lot like his mother, his great grandfather Spencer, and even a bit like me in this photo). Then again, Jacob is hamming it up, so maybe that is more like me.

When I talked to Sean on FaceTime, he told me the wafer tasted like a pizza box and I told him this is to prevent us from being cannibals. If we liked the body given to us in church and it tasted like a peanut butter cup or Butterfinger we might be tempted to taste other bodies.

I am missing family across the country this morning and hate that we disperse ourselves as we do. The older I get and the more distant I am, the greater my love for them grows.

Happy Day after Derby and Best Luck in church today, Sean-Man.

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