Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dedicated to Turtle. 1997 to Now. The Frog Was at the Pond for hisWedding. 17 years. Really?

This is one of my boys. Well, he's the original...the Turtle...class of 2001 (2g's and a dollar) and my student for four straight years. Also mentored him for the next four years, and have kept up with him ever since. He was my house sitter when I went overseas, my confidence whenever I came back, and I drove him back and forth to college as he majored in Psych at Eastern Kentucky. Shoot, he's even been to Butch and Sue's house with the No More Violence project.
When Jon and his classmates graduated I thought I would die. They were my original Brown School babies and everything else was a footnote. They mentored me as much as I mentored them.

Well, Jon married Sarah Frisby today and stepped into his next phase of life. I was happy to be there for him and only wish I had more time to talk.

I have so many years of his insecure egomania and the talks were endless. But he's on his own two feet now and I love the kid with all of my might. As I quoted often with his class, "God only knows what i'd be without them."

I don't know who Frog would be without his Turtle sidekick.

Here's to all you are, Jon. There was no time to talk this trip, but there are many more conversations still to be had. I am proud of you.

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