Thursday, September 4, 2014

Three Cheers for the Farmer's Market - Good in Stratford Until October! So Glad I Discovered Their Mondays (but it's Wednesday)

I miss my garden.

I miss my father's garden.

I miss the grilling tray at 5388 Amalfi Drive with the fresh vegetables cooked with Buck's seasoning, but I'm trying my best to recreate in Stratford.

Earlier this summer, I discovered the Stratford, Monday farmer's market, and - lo and behold - reasonable prices for fresh vegetables. It really makes a difference when the vegetables are locally grown and without the grandiose macro-production of commercialized veggies. Simply put, they are delicious. I love that the farmer lady who sells to me each week wears her hair in pig tails. She also wears overalls. Love it.

And I've established a new hobby of stocking my fridge every Monday with vegetables. Last night I cooked many on the grill (although I still need to get a BBQ veggie tray) (Ha! I had Buck season).

The result? Perfection. I also cooked yellow beans on the stove and roasted them a little in garlic and basil - so good (would have been better in dad's buttermilk). The hot Italian sausage was a bonus, too.

I think after Tuesday night's mishap of not preparing anything to eat during back-to-back teaching did a number on me. I needed substance. Last night, Wednesday, I had to eat, and I cooked the vegetables. It was worth every second.

Now, I want to plant a garden again. I want to harvest my own plants and cater to all that is delicious, natural, and smart. I'm not looking forward to returning to the grocery store for vegetables. I've been spoiled. Summer eating is so much better than eating the rest of the year.

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