Thursday, September 11, 2014

Psychological Insight on Crandall - The Insight Scoop. I Think This Means Something Really Important.

I have a terrible time sleeping. On a good night I can get 7 hours, but usually it is 3 to 4. I never nap. I don't know how to nap. Never have, probably never will.

Yet, there's something about airplanes....being trapped on them for two to three hours, that chills me out in my place. I can totally grow calm, imagine myself flying them, and simply zonk out.

This is what happened yesterday from DC to Louisville. I slept. Not just slept, but SLEPT. I didn't wake, in fact, until we flew through storm clouds and the turbulence flipped us to the side. Well, then I was awake.

And I'm back in Kentucky. Sue and Dave made me a delicious meal of salmon, okra, salad, pineapple, and roasted peaches. It was great. We went on two hikes in four hours, and Ditto - their grumpy dog - totally remembers me and is my friend. They were worried he'd attack me like he does everyone else. Nope. We bonded.

And we went to sleep with a tornado watch. That is the best welcoming I could ask much so that I insisted I put my air mattress on the back porch so when it arrives I could fly around the city I love with style (I'm really hoping the Nados bypass the city, thank you).

Today, I nerd out. But I've learned that old friends are also in the area this weekend, so my plans of being a writing geek might get subsided.

It's simply too exciting to be back in Louisville.

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