Thursday, September 25, 2014

Week Four of No Bread, No Sugar, Lots of Vegetables, Thank God For Meat, and The Farmer's Market....

...which leads me to Pam, who is also trying to do this healthier eating thing. It's not that I'm eating healthier - it's just that I'm trying something new: no pasta, no rice, no couscous, no potatoes. Basically, it's no fun. I've been dreaming of lasagna and oreo cookies. That's about as exciting as my diet gets. Still running. Still drinking water. And allowed whisky and vodka. On weekends, we said we can cheat, but I've been good.

But then last night's text messaging began and I had to laugh.
Bryan (green), Pam (Orange)

Macaroni and Cheese...
Mashed potatoes
Garlic Bread
W cheese
Going for run, then eating broccoli.
Ugh. Gas gas gas
The magnum bar commercial just came on
I want on. Maybe two
I stared at them at the groceries like I was in an orphanage and I wanted them to be my parents.

42.5 years old and I've yet to master the ratio of food to exercise to be as fit as I want. The love handles are with me for life, I guess. The people who guided me to try this diet swore by it and said, "The weight will pour right off you."

Um, no. Nothing.

I do, however, feel better, except when I get rancid lettuce like I did tonight. My stomach is a mess from it. I couldn't even eat carrot sticks.

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