Saturday, September 27, 2014

Today is Saturday, I'm being silly, and then I'm heading back to work. Yup. The job, ya know?

To the left is the "Little House on the Prairie Dog." It's not that funny, but it is - it's a joke between Pam and I that covers multiple territories and emails exchanges over the last few weeks. It is sort of in response to her recent joke that my tenants, Weijing and Chitunga, might decide to make a baby and name it "Ch'Ting."

I need to be punchy. The nervous pulse under my right eye has become worse and although I try to live like a Buddhist monk who never stresses, my body shows its reality through odd behaviors such as a pulsating vein under my eye.

"No, I'm not stressed. I just have a very strong heartbeat above my cheek. Would you like to take my pulse," he asks.

And the Bunnell High School marching band competition lasted into the dark hours last night provided CNS flashbacks, a cacophony of drumbeats, and the squeal of horns throughout my house. At one point I thought my pulsating eyeball and the music coming up over the hill were synchronizing.

Today is going to be a good day. I'm going to chill out in the morning, go for a long run, then go back to the books. I put laundry away last night, cleaned the bathroom, and worked on the kitchen. I'm feeling semi-accomplished as I begin the weekend - and I know this weather won't be around for long.

This dog wants a little house to purchase, prairie or not. Connecticut taxes, though! Jeepers. Do I really live in this state?

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