Monday, September 22, 2014

Riverlights Boat Parade - A Stratford, Connecticut Tradition Learned By Crandall in 2014

Saturday night was a first for me to attend the Riverflights Boat Parade in Stratford - a ritual that occurs on the Housatonic every year. We had reservations at Outriggers, so were able to eat scallops and clam chowder as the pride of boats went by.

You know I loved this. It was just tacky and odd enough to capture my interest. My favorite boat was the one decorated as a giant shark. They designed the lights so that the jaws of the shark were munching on tornados. The crowd fully erupted for applause for this one.

I can't help but enjoy any grasp of making a Saturday night eventful, especially as the temperatures drop to the 40s at night and our summer fiestas are ending.

We will find any excuse to expand the good-natured enthusiasm for the more pleasant months.

But with this, I welcome Fall. Let the raking begin and I'm already having fantasies about putting my white lights up at my house.

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