Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Finally, A Hip Hop Hooray For Everyday Socks - Men's Style. So Much Easier to Be Me With These Bad Boys.

I've been asking for funky socks for years. Yesterday, however, I bought 10 pairs for $10 at Burlington. I actually bought another 10 pair for Chitunga because he's doing laundry at my house and I saw his socks. Um, they're supposed to be white, but....

Anyway, Burlington has a vast array of funk, color, flavor, personality, spunk, wit, humor, zest, and pizazz with their choices.

Yesterday, I wore a suit. Black pants. White shirt. Grey tie. Very conservative. People stopped me in the hall and asked, "Wow, you're dressed up today. What's the occasion?" I responded, "No occasion. I just teach. I always dress up to teach." Then they respond, "But you're usually more creative."

Ha ha. Shazaam! That's when I pulled up my funeral parlor attire and say, "Bam! Got you! I have new socks!"

Fooled them.

Seriously, I've been bored by the ways a dude is supposed to dress for decades. T-shirts give some personality and occasionally a tie works to tell a story, but ever since the 80s I've wondered where the heck sock makers were. I mean, good socks for men could be a multi-million business.

Then, yesterday, I found that Burlington finally caught up with my wishes. I have my socks. And, if you notice, you can also see I'm laying on my psychedelic mushroom blanket with gnomes that my little sister made for me at Christmas. She needs to go into business with the sock companies...she'll tap a demographic that is totally needed. Gnome and shroom socks. I need them, too.

As Lossine said from a jpeg of my socks, "Those threads are dope. Stoked."

Yep, I'm stoked.

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