Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Looavul, Luhvul, Loueville, Looaville, Looeyville, Louisville. Yep. If All Goes Well. I Will Arrive Here.

Finished teaching last night at 9:45 and got home by 10:15 to pack. Not bringing a lot of nice clothes. Just casual wear. I want to relax. RELAX? Well, not really. I need to take advantage of Thursday and Sunday to stay on my game, but I do hope to have some 'chill time' on Friday and Saturday.

I've not told many people I'm coming, because I haven't been sure how I'm going to process the return. It's for a wedding. My brain is already overstimulated with the semester, and I wonder about stimulating it even more with reunions times a billion. I want to see the Sudanese guys. I definitely will see Sue, Alice, and Charlie. Of course, Walkers my excuse for going as he marries his girl.

I hear the Silos have been torn down. I think they're constructing a bridge. The stadium should be finished. I think the humidity is gone (I hope so). And my old room is no longer Alice's room, so I'm not sure visiting the school will do anything for me other than depress me.

15 years in the city and, poof, I was gone. Two Masters Degrees at the University. An Apartment, A first floor of a home, and then a home. A Toyota, a Ranger, and an Explorer. Juliettte Catherine Alanis Madonna Potatohead ScrappyDoo Olivia Dennis and then Baby. PNC Bank to ResCare, to U of L, to Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve, to Jefferson County Memorial Forest, to JCPS substitute, to Brown School.

600+ students in those years. Trips back and forth to Denmark. Louisville Writing Project. Nancy's Bagels. Vietnam Kitchen. Irish Rover.

Let's see what's happened over the last 7 years while I've been in foo foo fee, mucky mucky la la academia land.

I've missed Derby City. And I'm off.

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