Friday, September 19, 2014

With Respect to History, Thurgood Marshall, and His Son Who Shared His Wisdom With Bridgeport This Week.

On Wednesday, I had the honor of hearing John W. Marshall speak during the Bridgeport Public Education Fund's "60th Anniversary of the Historic Decision of Brown vs. Board of Education." Mr. Marshall grew up as one of two sons of Thurgood Marshall, the lead attorney for that case and later the first United States Supreme Court Associate Justice.

Linda Conner Lambeck of the Connecticut Post did a remarkable job covering the event, so I won't elaborate much here (I just wanted to record the fact that I was in attendance and felt honored to hear the wisdom John Marshall shined on the audience as he discussed his father's contribution to the United States.

When you hear stories of such a powerful man, you wonder, "What am I doing in my life to make the world a better place?" The adversities, the histories, the obstacles, and the racism was immense, yet he paved the road so that so many others could follow.

When asked what he thought his father would think about the state of education today, he reflected that there was much still to be done. The inequities between schools and the resistance of so many to see then are primary concerns.

His words hit home to those who work closely in Bridgeport schools. The two standing ovations he received were well deserved and it was a full house. He spoke from the heart, with playfulness, and with integrity. I was thankful the University invited me to sit at their table for such a remarkable event.

I remain a humongous fan for the hard work of the Education Fund who makes such events possible, especially Marge Hiller who is an empire in her own right!

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