Thursday, December 25, 2014

And This is the Shot for 2014, Christmas Yesteryear and ChristmasTomorrow. Generations and Stories. @Cc1airlines

Well, this would be my 42nd Christmas celebrated at the Crandall household, but this year was a little more special through inviting the eagle himself, Chitunga, to join the family and the craziness of how we roll.

I probably took 100 photos last night, but this one will suffice for today's celebratory day: Christmas.

There's not too many days a year when everything shuts down and we are brought together with the very people than matter to us most.

Last night was spent with the Isgars, and this morning is a total Barnwell kind of day. I do have to say, however, that the love, gifts, laughter, food, and cheer were totally appreciated last night.
Today should be a little more subdued and with more calm and grace.

I am totally appreciative for my family, its expansion, and all the love. It is, however, the love that makes today as special as it is meant to be.

Merry Christmas.

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