Monday, December 29, 2014

On The Road Again and Bon Voyage! I Could Have Been a Truck Driver For I'm Happiness In-Between The Worlds I Live

And the car is packed. We have Wegmans subs. Our technology is loaded and the wheels will head back through the Catskills on the way to the northern shores of the Long Island Sound. It's a nice 4.5 hour trek that goes faster with the co-pilot sharing part of the responsibilities (I taught the kid to drive and am confident in his abilities).

The week was successful week, indeed. Beautiful weather for running (six miles a day). Great times with family (here, there, and everywhere). And introducing Chitunga to the CNY world and how the Crandall/Isgar/Barnwells unite in excessive, foolish ways. There was time with the twins, too and at least one evening with Abdi. I can never cover all my bases, but I do what I can do in the short time I have.

But no snow. A no-show this year

I do have, however, new soup bowls and casserole dishes to bake with. Also have a new watch, socks and running pants.

Yet, most important, I have the memories of the last 7 days to reflect upon during the upcoming year. This holiday ritual is one that I love absolutely and absolutely love.

"Home is whenever I'm with you," is the wall lettering I put in my mother's stocking this year.
This is exactly how I feel when we're all together and united exactly was we all were this past week.


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