Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Obligatory End of The Semester Rant - I HATE Grading At This Time Of The Year. I'm Cooked and Have Little Left

I'm typically a task master. I align my duties for the day, get them done, and move forward. This year - and it's because Thanksgiving was late I am told - the end of the semester rush seems to be more tsunami-like and impossible. I've paced the grading since last Friday, but am still behind what I need to get done.

And, final projects take about an hour to assess. I want to be thorough because this is the place where the most learning occurs. I also work to counter the experiences I typically had where a grade was assigned and I never knew why. I like to justify why and offer new items to consider.

But yesterday I had a goal of accomplishing at least six projects. I only got two of them done. As luck would have, the University's accounting system was audited and every federal grant was checked. This meant that my day was spent getting numbers and documents to the two or three layers above me who were in charge of all this. Lucky for me I keep great records and knew where every penny went. We passed, but I entered work to face this and thought, "Are you serious?"

They were serious.

And now I seriously need to get to the rest of the project. I guess I should feel somewhat accomplished - I finished one class. I wanted to be further with the other, however. It didn't happen.
So, I got up early this morning to begin again. Your eyes begin to cross at this point of the semester, too. The Graduate courses aren't like the undergraduate ones where I've seen drafts and guided the final product. I did a little, but the final work was, for the most part, a one shot deal (except for those who turned in early drafts for feedback - they, of course, are better).

I'm not loving the end of this semester. I think a part of this is because I'm ready to take a mental break for five days. This year has been way too cerebral. And I'm cooked. Pbbbbllllttttt.

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