Monday, December 22, 2014

I'm a Little Perplexed With You Old Man Winter. It's Christmas and Syracuse Needs to Be Ridiculously White and Blustery.

It looks like we'll take 17 home today and cut through the southern tier of New York while heading towards Syracuse through Binghamton. It's a much more picturesque view and I'm thankful not to have snow and ice.

But when I get to Clay, I want snow. What a gigantic bummer that Chitunga's first experience in Syracuse is going to be a total lie. He's heard my stories of snowbanks and winds, but it looks like this year the area is heading for a green and rainy Christmas. What a bummer.

Then again, it will be great because he can drive half the way.

We packed the car last night and it's a little bit too loaded with the gifts (so they'll need to be dumped off at Cynde's to create space for the evening 'Cuse game. I also downloaded radio shows and programs, in case Chitunga falls asleep and doesn't want to drive - that's my usual flow, anyways.

I'm just a little chagrined that the Weather Channel is hyping up nothing for CNY. That doesn't seem fair at all. I like the thick, heavy ivory good that makes traveling slick and slow. It's a norm that I like to have when I come that way in winter.

Oh, well. I remember one Christmas when we got banana skateboards and we were skateboarding down the driveway in shorts.

You just never know.

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