Monday, December 1, 2014

Today is December 1st and I officially shaved. No more November. #Clean #Refreshed

For the last few years, I've watched friends participate in No Shave November, but I never tried to go 30 days without shaving myself. I know my hunting friends do it as a matter of course, but because I am more than likely sitting at a desk writing inside than outside in wilderness with a gun, the facial hair thing hasn't been all that appealing. I have done Fu Man Chu's and goatees, but never tried to do a beard because I have too many holes. 

Well, I did it this year and documented a selfie for every day of the month. I proved I have too many holes, but I like to persevere with what I set out to do. It turns out that a vast amount of my facial hair comes in totally white now so it doesn't even look like I have anything on the sides of my face - that is, until you look rather close.

A Lumberjack Crandall is not. Fact.

I learned, too, that taking off that much facial hair encompasses more time than I originally anticipated. A Gillette razor doesn't cut through it, so I had to chisel away with scissors, as well. Quite the task.

I debated whether or not I wanted to keep going with it, but now that I'm clean cut again, I'm feeling somewhat relieved. The scraggliness became a bit too much and I didn't quite feel like myself.

Still, I did enjoy participating and if I do it again, I promise to try to raise money for Men's Health Awareness, which is the original intent.

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