Sunday, December 21, 2014

And to Celebrate the First Day of a Holiday Break, Time To Remember The Newest Americans And To Get Them Out

Woke up. Ran. Did laundry, then thought, "Wait, I think there's a home game for the Stags" and sure enough there was. So I put an all call out on Facebook to see which of the ESL, recent arrival kids wanted to catch a sporting event and within minutes, there was a response: Congo and Zimbabwe.

The Stags lost, but it was worth the day in the arena and hanging out with some of the kids of Ubuntu Academy - it's been since summer and I wanted to know how they were doing in school.
All is well and I'm thankful.

Now, today is the last day in Connecticut before we head off to Syracuse. I'm recuperating a little from a Christmas party in Monroe and packing some bags. Already with 24 hours of freedom, my mind has begun to think about a couple new projects and I sat down to plant some of those seeds.

But yesterday was great, because I was able to fulfill a mission I love most. When new families arrive to the United States, they often come with only the t-shirts on their back and a bag of minor items. Any opportunity to provide additional experiences - ones never imagined or known - is a great gift to new arrivals. The game was a Christmas gift from me to them.

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