Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Holiday Bonanza Has Begun, And It Begins With the Dean's Administrative Assistant's Door - Mr. Heat Meiser '14

The GSEAP Door '14
I officially made the door of snowflakes in the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions with the Grinch, Frosty, Rudolph, snowballs, and my whacky hair.

It is an honor, indeed. Glad to see my mug with such holiday cheer!

Actually, last night's holiday dinner was super delicious and I'm thrilled to have my gut filled with such wonderful food and company. The papers are coming in and we have a week to get them graded. I also have an intense January with teacher professional development, a Youth Leadership conference, the MLK Essay, Poetry For Peace, and the kick-off to the LRNG Innovation grant. I need my week in Syracuse, New York to be the fuel to get me through the spring semester of 2015.

I tried a few creamed potatoes. Next to cookies, brownies, and cakes, I miss the potatoes most. I figured a little indulgence couldn't be that bad.

It also hit me yesterday that I won't be getting the house I had planned for, and my brief glance at Zillow made me depressed - the homes in this area are way to costly for what you get. I felt with the one I made an offer on, that it was somewhat of a good deal.

C'est La Vie. Everything meant to be, I guess.

I am loving the door, however. I've found product to tame my hair, so Mr. Heat Meiser is only an occasional look for Crandall these days.

Time to inhale. Exhale. And Grade. Happy Saturday.

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