Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Home Sweet Home. I love my little piece of holiday: the lights, the abode, and knowing I have my own pillow tonight.

Feliz Navidad.

After a journey home to Connecticut, an office holiday party in Orange, a little time in the kitchen to prepare, and some unpacking, I finally settled into my living room to call it a night. It's been 7 days of celebrating and I am feeling very thankful to have the time to spend with my family in Syracuse and the safety of being in my own bed this evening.

I lit an apple pie candle and the remnants of my special cake is still wafting in the air. It smells like the holidays at 2127 Nichols Avenue and I know the time is coming to put all the decorations away for another year. This is all good. The food, the energy, the business, and the vacation can be set aside for a while. It's time to begin thinking seriously about 2015 and all that is still to come. I know January is jam-packed with obligations and I need to begin getting my head around them.

A part of me wants to keep the white lights up year-round because I find them soothing and relaxing. But, they're better appreciated when used sparingly.

I officially jumped out of my eating habits the last few days and know it's time to get back on the right track. I hope, however, the weather keeps itself as it is so I can continue my running outside in the fresh air. I'm not ready to move indoors to a gym, although I know that time is slowly creeping upon me.

Happy Tuesday. May you find yourself in your own comfort zone today.

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