Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Um, This is My Destination Today. I Didn't Realize It Was Going To Be This Nice. #LRA14

Nor did I realize it was going to be a high of 80 degrees. Someone planned this conference a little awry - how will any of us be able to concentrate on the presentations indoor when all that water and sand will be calling us out-of-doors? That, and Marcos Island is a total tourist attraction. I'm sure there will be distractions around every corner. I believe this might be a lesson in temptation.

The goal is to arrive by 4 p.m., drive the 45 miles to my hotel, check in, then walk to the conference site to check in, get my materials, and head to the Presidential Address.
I don't present until Friday, and again on Saturday morning, and I will need to be strategic about how I monitor myself.

Seriously...this is like being a kid and entering Wonka's Chocolate factory. How the heck are any of us - albeit researchers, scholars, academics, and educators - going to resist touching, tasting, feeling, experiencing and being in this location? Those of us in the northeast, too, are already hardening up for a long winter, much snow, and below zero temperatures. This does not bode well for an extended weekend with white beaches and crystal blue waters.

Man, it's like bringing a kid to an amusement park and saying, "We're only here to look at the facilities, and then you must go back to your hotel room and do exercises from the puzzle book I bought you."

Nope. That probably won't happen.

And so this is supposed to happen. Today. In a few hours. Once I land. It'd better be dark by then, because it might be impossible to get me indoors if it really is this nice.

Here's to safe travels!

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