Saturday, December 27, 2014

Another Syracuse Tradition I Love - Hiking with Rhiannon Berry Around Onondaga Lake (minus the pollution)

If you look hard enough you can see the city of Syracuse in the far distance. This was the return portion of our Saturday walk at Onondaga Lake park, one day after the holiday festivities and on a rare, blue-sky kind of day where jackets were optional. I wish the sky cleared up like this before I went for my morning run.

Still, it was great catching up with Rhiannon and stretching our legs together. I needed a break, because my brain was obsessing over losing to Dylan at Risk last night. I also was looking forward to seeing Abdi for dinner and my mother's new recipe of broccoli, chicken and curry casserole.

I'd have to say that today was another success. Chitunga got a pair of Carolina boots and I got new laces for my own.

Today, of course, is rivalry day. Time for the match up of the year: Kentucky vs. Louisville (a post-Christmas, New Year's tradition).

If you looked at the sky today you'd say it was all leaning towards Big Blue. Still, I wore a red and black flannel to counter the blue. Only time will tell.

Viva La Syracuse.

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