Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Pool Shark Analogy, Gaming Life While Living It, And Trying To Carpe' Diem While I Can. Wusah!

I gave myself 7 days without work. That is, besides running the daily blog, I told myself I would not stress over emails, texts, conference proposals, grants, programs, book chapters, reviews, and courses. Rather, I would give myself a little time to play. I have to say that I did better on table than the Cards did at YUM arena.

Dem Cats. They is Strong (sort of like the class of 2007 who reunited last night in Louisville and sent me photos from the bar - boy, 7 years already).

I forgot how much I like to shoot pool: to focus on a simple target and to strategically get the right ball in the right pocket at the right time. I realized, however, that the game is actually how I live my everyday, but there are more than one table at once and while I'm trying to hit my target, others are throwing billiard balls at my head.

And my final thought for today: THE INTERVIEW is the biggest hype ever - seriously? This is what upset North Korea. The film was beyond campy and dumb. TEAM AMERICA was much worse. I can't help but think illuminati on this one - that SONY staged all this to distract the gossip around their leaked emails and to bring attention to a more fabricated issue. The film was terrible.

But for today, Sunday, the focus in on Cynderballz. She is official 45 years old!  Happy Birthday, Cynde. One more chaotic event at your house and then you can put all your decorations away and nuzzle into 2015. We love you!

My Beautiful Sister's Birthday Is Today! Woot Woot!

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