Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Because I'm a Gnome-Skull and Gnome-compoop, I Battled Several Last Night To Come Up With a Top Ten List for Xmas

A few weeks back, I bought several pairs of gnome socks to hand out to the office staff who keep me sane throughout the academic school year: Pam, Lynn, Deana, and Janine. It's nowhere near the level of thanks these individuals deserve, but given the nature of the holiday season and the numbers (read dollars) to think about, I always try to find something that is meaningful, different, and memorable. I think I may have found it this year.

Humorously, I was in a battle with Pam and Janine last night trying to come up with ten holiday songs worthy of lawn gnomes. It was more difficult than I imagined, but in my trickery, they actually contributed some of the titles. I knew they'd pull through.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present 10 Gnome-worthy holiday songs here:

10.  I'll Be Gnome For Christmas.
 9.  Let It Gnome! Let It Gnome! Let It Gnome!
 8.  Gnome For the Holidays.
 7.  There's No Place Like Gnome For the Holidays.
 6.  Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, Coming Gnome From My House Xmas Eve.
 5.  Silent Gnome! Holy Gnome!
 4.  Deck the Halls With Gnomes of Holly
 3.  Rudolph The Red Gnome Reindeer
 2.  Frosty The Gnome Man
 1.  We Three Gnomes of Orient Are

And with that, I'm satisfied. I now have a top-ten list of holiday songs for Gnomes and therefore the socks, as a gift, can be a little more special. Upon the feet of angels, they keep pep in the step and glitter on the wings.

Fa la la la la la la la la.

These four deserve rest and relaxation this Christmas season (and a pair of socks to keep their journeys funky).

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